Woven sterling silver creates an amazing texture that will simply shine on your wrist





The Moments Silver Mesh Bracelet has just launched in our Autumn 2017 collection. Its smooth lines and stunning texture of woven sterling silver makes it a phenomenal new option for you. It comes in three different sizes: 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm.



Beautiful to touch and chic to look at, the mesh bracelet is easy to wear – with or without charms, alone or stacked with other bracelets.



When it comes to charms, this bracelet works like our smooth snake-chain bracelet and bangles. Simply add your favorite charms, then use spacers and clips with special grips to divide and keep your styling in place.



New Hearts of PANDORA charms in sterling silver and the blush hues of PANDORA Rose™ look divine on this bracelet. You can really play with your choice of metallics, wearing them together or singling out one metal and accentuating the tone, such as blush-colored metal paired with pink stones or cooled with clear stones. The charms’ rose-cut center stones and cut-out hearts will add fresh dimensions and details.



Take a closer look at our mesh bracelet HERE

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